I was born on 27th August 1967. There is no other musician in my family.
As a teenager I fell in love with The Beatles’ music. I started to play the drums under their influence. During my school years (from elementary to high school) I played in various amateur rock and progressive bands. I was an autodidact drummer. At the age of seventeen, when I first heard Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, I moved into jazz.

After moving to Győr, where I studied as an electrician, I regularly attended Dresch Quartet’s, Grencsó Kollektíva’s, Szabados György’s and east German free-jazz groups’ concerts. I met my first and most important teachers, István Baló and Tamás Geröly.

In 1993 I moved to Budapest where I successfully applied to the Jazz Faculty of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. My teachers were Kõszegi Imre and Nesztor Iván. Among my classmates were several young talented musicians like Csaba Palotai, Kristóf Bacsó, Ferenc Németh, Balázs Horváth. I established my first band with them. During my studies I joined the most influential jazz formation of my life, Gábor Gadó Trio. I was a member of Regős Quartet, Equinox Quartet, Eichingerstadt, Egon Bondy, Lakatos Ágnes Trio, Nigun, Béla Burány Trio, various projects by Ágoston Béla and Grencsó István, Kovács Linda Quartet, and for a short time of Mihály Dresch Quartet.
My longest collaborations were with Quartet B (1997-2004) of Borbély Mihály and Váczi Dániel (since 1998)

My musical style is heavily influenced by folk music (not only Hungarian), modern classical music (Bartók, Debussy, Stravinsky, Satie), and the New York Avant-garde scene (Joey Baron, Jim Black, Tom Rainey, John Zorn, Tim Berne).

From 2004 to 2008 I lived in Rome, where I surrounded myself with open-minded young musicians In Italy I worked with a wide variety of bands: Borderlines Quartet (Martin Jacobsen-Cesare Saldicco-Roberto Raciti-Zs.Kovacs), Francesco Lo Cascio New Trio (F.LoCascio-Pino Sallusti-Zs.Kovacs) , Negyet Quartet (F.Zacchia – D.Grotelli – S.Cantararno – Zs.Kovacs), Giuseppe La spina Quartet , Francesco Diodati Trio.

Since 2008 I’ve lived in Budapest again. I’ve continued the work with my previous bands and I joined a few new groups: Váczi Dániel Trio–Quatrio–Quintrio; Grencsó Bio Kollektiva; Kovács Linda Quartet; Matthew Mitchell Trio feat. Harcsa Veronika; Santa Diver; Fragment Quartet; Iszap feat.Busa; Ávéd János Jelen Trio; Yolk Trio; Plastic Septet; Kada Ad Libitum; Eichinger Quartet; Ektar Sextet; Rubik Ernő Quintet.

Since 2009 I’ve been teaching jazz drumming at Tóth Aladár Music School and privately.

Since 1998 I’ve had another passion, creating unique, handmade leather bags, mainly musical instrument cases. I learned this art from Zsuzsa Veres, Laci Finta and Imre Dombi. I am very grateful to them. Special thanks to my beloved friend, Zsófi Tettamanti for designing my logo.
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