GáBor GaDó TriO – SuiTe AbOuT ReMeMbErEd MoMeNtS

  1. GrEeTiNg FrOm An AnGeL
  2. ThE DaNcE
  3. CoLoUrS And Forms
  4. SoNg For ALiCaNtE part1.
  5. soNg For AliCaNtE part2.
  6. SoNg FoR AliCaNtE part.3
  7. FeELiNgS FrOm DeEp Of HoMe part1.
  8. FeELiNgS FrOm DeEp Of HoMe part2.
  9. FeELiNg FrOm deEp Of HoMe part3.
  10. ThE Man and ThE ShiNiNg
  • GáBor GaDó -GuiTaR
  • PéTeR GLaSeR-DoUbLe BaSs
  • ZsOLt SáRvÁri KoVáCs – DrUmS

ReC. 1994

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